da un territorio vocato, la vocazione a chiamarsi Ferrari
Only grapes grown in Trentino are used for
Ferrari’s sparkling wines. More precisely,
they are only grapes from high up in the hills
of Trentino’s finest zones, those of the
Trento D.O.C.. Trentino is a land that amazes
and fascinates one with the variety and contrast
of its landscapes, colors, temperatures and
nuances. In this area that combines toughness
with seduction, and which justifiably constitutes
Italy’s premier region for Chardonnay,
this variety has found its ideal habitat.
The differences between day and night
temperatures during the ripening period
encourage the development of those
fragrances and aromas which make every
bottle of Ferrari’s Trento D.O.C.
a true one-off, capable of arousing
intense passions and emotions.