Maximum Brut

Delicate and rounded,
this wine offers guaranteed quality for accompanying any meal.
Dedicated to the restaurant sector.


A strict selection of just Chardonnay grapes, harvested by hand
in the first half of September.

length of maturation

At least 36 months, on selected yeasts
from Ferrari’s own cultures.

production zone

Various communes of the Province of Trento in the Val d’Adige,
Val di Cembra and Valle dei Laghi, at 300 - 700 meters (985 – 2,300 ft.) above sea level and with south-easterly or south-westerly exposure.

alcohol level

12.5% vol.

first vintage produced




A deep straw yellow.


A gentle, yet positive and persistent bouquet, with a note of
ripe fruit accompanied by hints of crusty bread, hazelnuts and
variegated floral aromas.


Dry, elegant and well-balanced. It displays notable personality, with the
intense fruity notes that are typical of Chardonnay accompanied
by appealing nuances of vanilla and yeast that linger for a long time
on the palate. Its particular characteristic is that it has a lower pressure
of carbon dioxide compared to Ferrari’s other sparkling wines.