Villa Margon
The close relationship between Ferrari and art is
cemented by Villa Margon, which the Lunelli family
was very keen should be the group’s hospitality
center Not only is it one of the finest country
residences in the shadow of the Alps; it is also
one of Trentino’s most splendidly ornate
monuments, with a wealth of history
and legends. A 16th complex standing
amidst the concentrated green of woodland and
vineyards in the hills that embrace Trento,
at the time of the Council of Trent (1545-1563),
Villa Margon offered accommodation to cardinals
and prelates who had come from all over Europe
for the great assembly which gave rise to the
Counter-Reformation. According to local legend,
it is also supposed to have housed Emperor
Charles V, whose deeds (surely not by chance)
are recounted in a cycle of frescos that decorate
the villa; his bed is also one of the most significant
furnishings. With frescos also on the outside,
Villa Margon stands, just a few kilometers outside
Trento, in a park that has remained intact
forcenturies and whose vegetation, which is only
partly indigenous, may be considered a
masterpiece of nature.