Riserva Lunelli

A vintage wine of extraordinary structure, and a fascinating synthesis of innovation and tradition. It is a natural extension to Ferraris range, with its supreme elegance to which maturation in oak adds
an intriguing richness and harmonious complexity.


a strict selection of only Chardonnay grapes,
picked by hand, in the first half of September.

length of maturation

Minimum 7 years on selected yeasts
from Ferrari's own cultures.

production zone

The Villa Margon vineyards, owned by the Lunelli Family,
on the high hillsides above Trento

gradazione alcolica

12,5% vol.

first vintage produced




A deep yellow, with faint golden highlights


Rich and fruity, with complex, broad and enveloping yet well-knit aromas.
The use of large Austrian oak barrels in its production confers
a rainbow-like variety of sensations that enchant you with their originality


A symphony of expressiveness, with fruity varietal sensations perfectly balanced by toasted yeasty notes. Its maturation in oak gives it an intriguing richness and harmony. Extremely long on the palate, with a clean, uplifting and seemingly endless finish.